surveillance department

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Surveillance Department

A department on an exchange charged with enforcing the rules of the exchange as well as applicable regulations and ethics. It monitors trading on a daily basis in order to accomplish this.

surveillance department

The division of a securities exchange charged with ensuring that individuals associated with the exchange operate in an ethical manner and according to established regulations.
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The new department will handle all Islamic banking matters, though the existing examination and surveillance departments will continue their supervision of banks.
The new National Security is headed by General Hamed Abdallah and comprises sectors for protecting freedom of religion, human rights, fighting internal and external terrorism, hostage rescue and surveillance departments for foreign and Arab activities.
As today's gaming properties face an expanding level of external and internal cheating, theft, and fraud, the demands placed upon security and surveillance departments increase daily.
Pan, tilt and zoom capabilities provide security and surveillance departments with the versatility needed to effectively staff personnel and efficiently protect people and property," said Fredrik Nilsson, general manager, Axis Communications, Inc.
BRG found that, overall, "NFA audits were conducted in a competent fashion and the auditors dutifully implemented the appropriate modules that were required in the annual audits" following the standards set by the Joint Audit Committee, a representative committee of the Audit and Financial Surveillance departments of U.
The casino has reinforced its bars, stepped up armed bike patrols, and increased coordination between the security and surveillance departments.
The iTrak Incident Reporting & Risk Management System provides security and surveillance departments with a complete integrated risk management tool.
June 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Drug safety and surveillance departments at biopharmaceutical companies are under the cost-saving magnifying glass.
Most investigations require a close working relationship between the security and surveillance departments, as well as outside agencies such as local law enforcement.
Company-wide employee training on the new Responsible Gaming Program will be mandatory for all property officers and directors, casino floor supervisors, cashiers and members of the marketing, credit, audit, security and surveillance departments.
Business Wire has earned the confidence and trust of the media, financial analysts, and the market surveillance departments of America's equities markets, by simultaneously transmitting full-text corporate announcements over its dedicated satellite network," continued Lokey.

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