surplus funds

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Surplus funds

Cash flow available after payment of taxes in a project.

Surplus Funds

Money remaining after all liabilities, including taxes, insurance, and operating expenses, are paid. Having surplus funds means that a company has made a profit or perhaps that it has completed a project under budget. Surplus funds indicate prudent management of funds over the course of the company's operations or project.

surplus funds

The situation in which a foreclosure sale results in more money than is necessary to pay off the mortgage loan plus all expenses and costs of foreclosure.

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They explained to the officers at the Indian embassy that "by adding another RO900,000, to the Reserves and Surplus fund, school buildings can be constructed in Darsait.
The UK's largest insurer, which was formerly known as Norwich Union, has a surplus fund of pounds 1.
Today's unanimous decision by the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania to dismiss the class action lawsuit against Independence Blue Cross over the management of its surplus fund unequivocally validates IBC's position that this ill-informed and irresponsible lawsuit should never have been brought.
The bonds (and any future parity bonds) are secured by borrower loan repayments, a debt service reserve fund, surplus fund, construction fund, and interest earnings.
The mortgage reserve is funded at $102,847, and the surplus fund has $12,081.
The loan portfolio continues to perform well despite a sluggish real estate market and the presence of a large surplus fund balance, which provides a substantial cushion against potential portfolio and financial weakness.
8 million will be retained as a surplus fund for debt service on the authority's debt, if necessary.
Insurance Authority's new rules for Islamic insurance include provisions on the distribution of surplus funds to policyholders and segregation of assets of participants' and shareholders' accounts.
Based on projected revenue flows, the Comptroller's office estimates that the BPCA will generate some $400 million in surplus funds over approximately 10 years, with the bulk of the new receipts starting in fiscal year 2016.
Government has issued guidelines from time to time on investment of surplus funds of CPSEs to ensure maximum safety, no element of speculation on the yield, sound commercial judgment and maturity period of not more than one year.
The new shares will be allotted and surplus funds returned to investors in coming weeks, Arabtec added in Monday's bourse filing.
Sadrist Trend criticizes governmental decision on food ration BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Sadrist Trend, headed by Muqtada al-Sadr, described governmental action on food ration as "contradictory", at a time refusing to give the oil surplus funds to the people, but decides to cancel the food ration card.