surety bond

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Surety Bond

1. A fee that a security holder must pay to the security's issuer, should the holder lose the physical certificate. The holder receives a replacement certificate in exchange for the surety bond. A surety bond helps reduce fraud.

2. See: Blanket fidelity bond.

surety bond

An insurance fee required before a duplicate security is issued to replace one that has been lost. The fee is approximately 4% of the market value of the security to be replaced.

surety bond

See fidelity bond.

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The model may appear before the court on Tuesday for submitting the surety bonds.
However, the actress was held briefly in the court and allowed to leave after submitting the surety bonds.
The surety bonds have been issued by a consortium of insurance companies led by Zurich Insurance Company Ltd and including ACE INA Insurance and AVIVA Insurance Company of Canada.
Commercial surety bonds are typically issued in four areas: license and permit, court, public official, and miscellaneous.
So, for companies with strong, investment-grade credit profiles, surety bonds may be a solution.
ca, Rosenberg & Parker's online storefront is immediately open for business to any individual or company in the United States and Canada that has a need for a Surety Bond.
In addition to flexibility and keeping lines of credit available, surety bonds create opportunity for more affordable securitization.
According to Israel Mata, Regional Manager at Related, "Seventy percent of our residents in California already opt for the surety bond over paying a traditional security deposit at lease signing because they do not want to put up all that money up front.
The Hartford underwrites and issues surety bonds for a qualified seller's transactions.
Our business partners can complete critical transactions online, such as issuing surety bonds for clients," said Greg Davenport, assistant vice president and director of surety operations at SAFECO.
LAHORE -- A banking court on Tuesday issuing a notice warned Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Punjab President Ijaz Chaudhry over non-submission of bail surety bonds in a Punjab Bank loan default case.