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A U.S. federal program dedicated to cleaning and/or removing environmentally hazardous sites in the United States. Superfund works with state, local and tribal governments to clean brownfields and to eliminate hazardous waste, whether it was dumped purposely, accidentally or even legally.



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Members in super fund default options are automatically put into group insurance.
To get things started, you will need to fill in a form and send it to the super fund of your choice.
Hence the historical lack of initiative in this area by institutional super fund investors.
Responsible parties are jointly and severally liable with each other for Super Fund response cost.
As the region prepares to bid for another JEREMIE super fund, there are a number of consultations being carried out and this leads to a certain amount of negativity regarding how high the default rates have been.
Self-Managed Super Funds are one such scheme whereby a group of individuals or corporate bodies can set up and operate Self Managed Superannuation Funds under a trusteeship structure.
Helping people consolidate their super accounts using tax file numbers will also reduce the aggregate amount of fees paid each year on super fund balances - currently some $14 billion," Fear explained.
The NULIS board is responsible for NAB's superannuation funds, including the MLC Super Fund and products such as Plum, MasterKey Super, MasterKey and Wrap.
For an ever increasing number of Australian's looking for greater control and value from their superannuation, the Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) appears to be the perfect vehicle of choice.
Early market indications points to positive performance for all super fund this year.