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A U.S. federal program dedicated to cleaning and/or removing environmentally hazardous sites in the United States. Superfund works with state, local and tribal governments to clean brownfields and to eliminate hazardous waste, whether it was dumped purposely, accidentally or even legally.



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Many of us have started to look closely at what our super funds are investing in, by choosing ethically or socially responsible options.
Responsible parties are jointly and severally liable with each other for Super Fund response cost.
The government's changes are seen by many as an attack on the involvement of unions in not-for-profit super funds, and as the Abbott government pushing the agenda of banks.
Self-Managed Super Funds are one such scheme whereby a group of individuals or corporate bodies can set up and operate Self Managed Superannuation Funds under a trusteeship structure.
So, white we all cope with restraint and tightened health budgets, ar reduced health budgets, the Government does very well, thanks, with our money in ACC and NZ Super funds.
Helping people consolidate their super accounts using tax file numbers will also reduce the aggregate amount of fees paid each year on super fund balances - currently some $14 billion," Fear explained.
Vision is genuinely different to the majority of other super funds in several ways:
Super fund members now have the option to leave their super with their fund when they retire, rather than take it as a lump sum.
This is reinforced by the fiduciary duty requirements of super fund managers and superannuation trustees.
Yet there's never any discussion of how super funds are used.
The Corporate Whistleblower Center says, "We want to talk to insiders at an established construction company, who possess well documented proof a general contractor in their state has been awarded federal contracts, or subcontracts for work on highways, military bases, super fund environmental clean up sites, or any other type of major federal contract, if the company awarded the contract was awarded the contract, because they falsely claimed to be a minority owned business.