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In 1988, Sue and her parents decided to buy a home together in the hamlet of Sparta, Ontario.
Sue quickly bought a simple gold band for herself from a nearby jeweller.
Sue said: "If I can help raise awareness of early detection by encouraging women to check their breasts, or can encourage people to fundraise for Breakthrough, then I am delighted to help.
CELEBRATING: Jane Stewart, left, and Sue Ng at the Royal College of Midwives Annual Awards (
She said Sue was "fully aware" why Kerry could not be there.
Sue continues to attend my session - Sue says it helps her maintain her weight loss.
As an engineering practice, SUE enables State and local DOTs, design consultants, and utility companies to locate existing subsurface utilities with a high degree of accuracy and comprehensiveness.
Sue presents a show for Radio Newcastle but has also appeared in Byker Grove, Spender, Crocodile Shoes and Our Friends in the North.
They have fun for a while, but he is a cheapskate, and the way Sue dumps him is incredibly funny.
Sue, 45, is now trying to rebuild her life with the help of her family, who last night spoke about her ordeal for the first time.
Instead, the case has become bogged down over the issue of "standing"--the fight to sue.
Previously, Fern was an executive vice president at MLBKaye and Sue was an executive vice president at William B May/C21.