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He also backed a return to higher density housing over suburban sprawl.
and Hillsboro's Orenco Station - "smart growth" has been slow to take root here; suburban sprawl is still all the rage.
Whereas the urban core has regained some population, suburban sprawl continues apace, fuelled by low-cost mortgages and a lax regulatory framework.
2003); Adam Rome, The Bulldozer in the Countryside: Suburban Sprawl and the Rise of American Environmentalism (New York, 2001); Rosalyn Baxandall and Elizabeth Ewen, Picture Windows: How the Suburbs Happened (New York, 2001); Bruce D.
For example, an analysis of the Minnesota data finds that tax increment financing is fueling suburban sprawl in the Twin Cities region.
EVERYBODY COMPLAINS ABOUT SUBURBAN SPRAWL, or at least its most obvious manifestation, worsening traffic.
Fruh-Green and her colleagues estimate there's enough virgin rock beneath the vent system to fuel suburban sprawl around the Lost City for hundreds of thousands of years to come.
NAA/NMHC continue efforts to educate policymakers that homeownership cannot solve our most pressing housing challenges, such as the affordable housing shortage and suburban sprawl.
Unmitigated urban and suburban sprawl throughout the United States leaves wildlife with little habitat beyond refuge borders.
They've turned the virus of blunt-force suburban sprawl into musical radiation and are willing to blow it all apart to save it-or at least give it a better soundtrack.
And while many hail this as an important part of urban renewal, designed to reverse the long trend of suburban sprawl, I can't help but be troubled by the disappearance of the derelict industrial core that is so much a part of the city's history.
Susan Collins of Maine, to help protect private forestlands threatened by suburban sprawl.