subscription warrant

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Subscription warrant

Applies to derivative products. Type of security, usually issued with another security, such as a bond or stock, that entitles the holder to buy a proportionate amount of common stock at a specified price, usually higher than the market price at the time of issuance. Warrant.

Subscription Warrant

In derivatives, a security, usually attached to another security, that gives the right to buy a certain amount in common stock in the company issuing the subscription warrant at or below the market price. Subscription warrants are usually issued with a bond to encourage investors to purchase the debt. They operate much like call options, but are issued by corporations, instead of individual investors; they are particularly susceptible to volatility. See also: Subscription right.

subscription warrant

See warrant.
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In the event that the directed share issues are subscribed for in full and full subscription of shares through exercise of the issued subscription warrants is made, an amount of approximately SEK70m will be added to the equity of the Company.
Common Stock: 770 yen per Share of Common Stock Bonds with Share Subscription Warrants: 1,433,056 yen per PENTAX Bond with Share Subscription Warrants (face value of 1,000,000 yen of each bond) Share Subscription Warrants: 1 yen per PENTAX Share Subscription Warrant
The Board of Directors proposes that the Meeting resolves to implement a warrants programme for the group management, division management, other senior managers and key employees (the "Participants") in the Hexagon Group (the "Warrants Programme 2011/2015") through the issue of subscription warrants entitling to subscription for new series B shares in Hexagon AB or, as the case may be, with a right for the company to transfer repurchased own B shares to the Participants as further set out below.
Sum of Common Stock and PENTAX Bonds with Share Subscription Warrants
concerning the PENTAX Share Subscription Warrants which were issued in accordance with a resolution of the Target's board of directors' meeting held on May 23, 2005 and a resolution of the Target's annual general meeting of shareholders held on June 24, 2005, such Tender Offeror's acquisition or holding of its shares, etc.
At full subscription of the issue and full exercise of the subscription warrants, the share capital may be increased by a total of SEK 15,000,000, which represents approximately 3.
As part of the company's warrants offering, all stockholders and certain warrant holders received one subscription warrant to purchase one share of its common stock at a price of USD1.
the purchase price of each of the Pentax bonds with share subscription warrants = (the issue price of each bond (1,005,000 Yen) / the convertible price (540 Yen))* the purchase price of common stock (in the event that the result is not a whole number, the purchase price will be rounded to the nearest Yen).
The proposal by the Board of Directors principally entails that the EGM resolves on an issue of maximum 1,500,000 subscription warrants entitling to subscription for the equivalent number of new shares in AarhusKarlshamn AB.
i) PENTAX shall not take any action through its rights plan without HOYA's prior written consent, (ii) PENTAX's board of directors will resolve to cancel, subject to the completion of the Tender Offer, the share subscription warrants issued based on a resolution adopted at the shareholders' meeting of PENTAX held on June 24, 2005 relating to PENTAX's trust-type rights plan (the "1st Series Share Subscription Warrants") and (iii) PENTAX's board of directors will resolve that HOYA's acquisition or possession of PENTAX's shares, etc.
The subscription warrants were exercised in accordance with Netia's Polish prospectus, dated April 17, 2002, as amended.
Assuming that the Fund exercises its rights to acquire the Netia shares arising from the subscription warrants, the total number of Netia's securities held by the Fund will constitute 4.