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In our study, we also divide the sample of IPOs into groups of high and low subscription ratios.
Tunisian investors believe that IPOs with low subscription ratio are overvalued.
Therefore, they penalize IPO firms with low subscription ratio by a massive selling after listing.
They observe that the subscription ratio is over 91 (means).
Chahine (2007), Cheung and Liu (2007) and Ben slama et al (2011) measure the pre-IPO investors' demand by the subscription ratio which is equal to the number of shares requested by all investors in the subscription period divided by the number of offered shares.
The coefficients on the subscription ratio are positive and highly statistically significant until the eighth week.
Back Offer Shares in proportion to their subscription ratios, comprising 26% of
With 48 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, the Summit 400 switch offers high density connections at the network edge, while dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks allow for future scalability and decrease port subscription ratios.
The WiMAX Business Planning Tool is a comprehensive Excel spreadsheet tool that incorporates a number of WiMAX performance parameters that enable the business planner to determine network capacities, over subscription ratios, VoIP and video capacities, etc.
No decision has yet been made by the Board to proceed with either the Separation Transaction or the rights offering, and no determination has yet been made about possible distribution ratios for the potential Separation Transaction or subscription ratios for the possible rights offering.
Applicable subscription ratios, record dates, issuance dates and subscription periods have not yet been determined.
Applicable subscription ratios, record dates, issuance dates, and subscription periods have not yet been determined.