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Vienna Insurance Group AG Wiener Versicherung Gruppe successfully placed a subordinated bond with a volume of EUR 400 million with institutional investors.
Summary: Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, or ADCB, was due to sell $300 million in a subordinated bond on Wednesday, according to the deal arranger, just over two months after its last debt markets outing.
Global Banking News-April 20, 2012--Malayan Banking plans subordinated bond issuance(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
As its capital base is now sufficient, the new subordinated bond placement is not linked to any capital shortage, Nomura said.
LIMITED RESERVE ENHANCEMENT IN FINAL YEARS: The subordinated bond rating considers reserves released after meeting potential deficiencies for EFC's 1991 MFI bonds and MWFA senior bonds.
The subordinated bond issue, which is aimed at strengthening its capital base, will not exceed CNY32bn.
Spanish savings bank La Caixa has said that it will increase a 10-year subordinated bond issue to EUR3bn, reports Dow Jones.
2% of subordinated bond principal including the series 2011B bonds).
China Construction Bank has said that it will sell the 15-year subordinated bond on the interbank market between Friday and December 22.
The original $75 million 6 3/4 percent Convertible Subordinated Bond offering was issued in international markets in 1986.
The improved return could be further enhanced through the use of leverage which was not previously available for subordinated bond.
13% CE protection for the most subordinated bond in this series.