structured note

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Structured note

A derivative investment that will change in value with movements of an underlying index; or a note whose issuer makes swap arrangements to alter its required cash flows.

Structured Note

A debt security attached to a derivative of any sort. The derivative may be an option on stock in the company issuing the note or a security that tracks some index. A structured note aims to gives both the holder and the issuer a great deal of flexibility; for this reason they are usually very complex. As a result they are marketed to investors thought to be "sophisticated."

structured note

A medium-term derivative debt security that has one or more special features such as an interest payment based on an equity index, a foreign exchange index, or a benchmark interest rate. Issuers of structured notes often hedge these securities with their own transactions in the derivatives market. Structured notes tend to be complex and are aimed primarily at sophisticated investors.
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With a 50% increase in direct-to-advisor wholesaling anticipated for this year, Incapital will expand offerings of structured notes and market-linked CDs from leading issuers into new distribution networks.
Global Banking News-February 13, 2015--Santander names head for MTN and structured notes
Under the agreement, Natixis Structured Issuance SA will issue Prestige s UK and International marketing, sales and distribution teams distributing bespoke market based structured notes, whereas Prestige's in house distribution teams will be distributing the products globally to a diverse investor base, consisting of over 250 active investor groups and financial advisors.
ADIB's structured notes have been well-received by investors.
Since starting the Hemaya programme in 2010, QIB (UK) has issued in excess of $190 million of structured notes.
2, 2009 (CENS)--The UBS AG Taipei Branch launched in late October structured notes in Taiwan again, marking the first time for the products to reappear in the financial market here since they were forbidden to circulate on the island by Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) in mid-June of this year due mainly to the fraud scandal caused by the U.
Investors should consider using call and put options or structured notes to help reduce the risk of their current investments through broader diversification, and to potentially increase returns.
The report does not address other types of structured finance, such as exchange trade funds, structured notes with capital protection, or structured financing outside capital markets.
WebVisit is an interactive online patient interview that collects relevant details about non-urgent symptoms and delivers them to the physician as concise, clinically structured notes.
A significant portion of the county's funds were invested in interest-rate-sensitive two-to-five-year notes and structured notes issued by GSEs such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, in addition to other derivatives.
Maco said that as recently as March 31, 1995, a post-Orange County bankruptcy review by the California state auditor found several counties continued to hold concentrations of structured notes in excess of 30% of their respective portfolios.
In the wake of losses on investments in structured notes, the Board recently reiterated the applicability of this guidance to investments in such instruments.

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