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A strong currency and elevated levels of productivity are the only sound fundamental principles that create prosperity for every citizen.
Neil asked Hockey if he could name a single country in the G20 in such a strong economic position, with a national debt of 23%, a 3% fiscal deficit, 3% annual growth, 22 years of continuous growth, an unemployment rate of less than 6%, a strong currency and massive mineral resources.
Growing Operating Profit and Accelerating Shift to the Cloud: Non-IFRS Operating Profit Increased 7% at Constant Currencies (2% at Actual Currencies to 919 Million Impacted by Strong Currency Headwinds)
The ratings, compiled by The Economist's intelligence unit, pointed that Singapore took the crown, due largely to the soaring cost of cars and utilities as well as a strong currency.
A strong currency makes Japanese-made exports more expensive overseas and erodes repatriated earnings.
The financial recession in Europe, in combination with high labour costs there and in Australia, where a strong currency is also a challenge for manufacturers, has forced automakers to rethink their international strategies.
Chevron's announcement came just a day after General Motors Co (GM) said it would cease manufacturing in Australia by 2017, citing pressures from the nation's strong currency and intense competition in the local automobile market.
Costs in Australian LNG development have rocketed, partly due to high wages and a strong currency, and so have put the brakes on development there over the past year and hurt contractors like Cape.
Ding Zhijie, the president of the School of Banking and Finance at the University of International Business and Economics, agreed with Rogers that the yuan will be a strong currency in the next 30 years, but it's hard to say whether it will replace the dollar.
Driven by a strong currency and a desire to shop abroad, Brazilians continue to explore international destinations.
The euro is a strong currency, and there was always confidence in it.
LG has said its fourth-quarter net loss widened to 468 billion won ($432 million) from a 112 billion-won loss a year earlier on strong currency.