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Indeed, those forces function as strange attractors.
Counselors can work with students as they explore how their individual careers are kept alive--by torus attractors, strange attractors, or a mix of the two.
such as strange attractors with their self-similar and self-organizing
The strange attractor offers a vision of what society could be without the repressive limits imposed by the fixed attractor (i.
The chaos concepts of strange attractors and phase space may be compared to a pictorial representation of a time series.
Attractors of chaotic systems are called strange attractors [Ruelle (1980)].
Such spiritual dimensions are the influences driving and configuring individuals' strange attractors.
The performance features Prelude & Strange Attractors Part II, bringing together instantly captivating dance from American Stephen Petronio and music from Placebo with vocals from David Bowie and costumes designed by Tanya Sarne of Ghost.
Characteristics of complex adaptive entities, including (a) autopiesis, or self-regeneration; (b) open exchange; (c) participation in networks; (d) fractals; (e) phase transitions between order and chaos; (f) search for fitness peaks; (g) nonlinear dynamics; (h) sensitive dependence; (i) attractors that limit growth; (j) the role of strange attractors in emergence; and (k) spirituality, are described and then applied to careers.
Strange Attractors will be singing Relax in German and there will be a PA from Lauren.
A companion piece, Strange Attractors Part II, layered a boxing motif--punching, ducking, bobbing, and weaving--onto the strutting chic of Tanya Sarne's costume design.
Volume 3 focuses on manufacturing automation, presenting work on aspects such as a fast algorithm for choosing delay time for strange attractors, alkali corrosion resistance mechanisms of Ni-Cr-Cu alloy cast iron, and the effects of roller profile modification on roller bearing performance.