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Purchase or sale of an equal number of puts and calls with the same terms at the same time. Related: Spread.


The strategy in which one has the same position in both a put option and a call option with the same underlying asset, strike price, and expiration date. An investor may have a straddle when he/she believes that the market for the underlying asset will be volatile and will undergo dramatic price changes, but is unsure of which direction the changes will go. A straddle allows the investor to profit regardless of which direction the underlying moves, provided there is a significant movement. A small price change in either direction will result in a loss. See also: Long Straddle, Short Straddle.


1. In futures, the purchase of a contract for delivery in one month and sale of a contract for delivery in a different month on the same commodity.
2. In options, the purchase or sale of both a call and a put, generally with the same strike price and expiration date. The buyer of a straddle benefits from large price fluctuations in the underlying asset, while the seller of a straddle, who collects the premiums, benefits from small price changes in the underlying asset.


A straddle is hedging strategy that involves buying or selling a put and a call option on the same underlying instrument at the same strike price and with the same expiration date.

If you buy a straddle, you expect the price of the underlying to move significantly, but you're not sure whether it will go up or down. If you sell a straddle, you hope that the underlying price remains stable at the strike price.

Your risk in buying a straddle is limited to the premium you pay. As a seller, your risk is much higher because, if the price of the underlying security moves significantly, you may be assigned at exercise to purchase or sell the underlying security at a potential loss.

Similarly, if you choose to buy off-setting contracts when the prices move, it may cost you more than the premium you collected.


A straddle is any set of offsetting positions on personal property. One example, is a put and call option on the same number of shares of a particular security, with the same exercise price and expiration date.
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