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Guaranteed a specific price on the customer's working order while the dealer tries to obtain a better one. Stopped against one's self involves a customer order and a firm's own account, not two customers. One can cancel an order even after being stopped by another party.


1. An order to a broker to buy or sell a security at the best available price once a certain, stated price is reached. Suppose that price is $50. A stop order remains inactive until that security begins trading at $50, at which point the broker may fill the order at best price he/she is able to find. See also: Stop-limit order, Stop-loss order.

2. An order by the SEC to stop a new issue from taking place because of an omission or inaccuracy on its filing statement. See also: Deficiency letter.
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fatal drowsiness, I used my wits and stopped my own ears as well as theirs so firmly that I and my crew heard absolutely nothing of their song.
Albert Vasquez was stopped by Border Patrol officers "about once a week" on the corner by his house, according to court records.
If subjects protest being stopped or ticketed, officers may find that the response "I'm just doing my job" helps to humanize them and defuse tension.
Managers can tailor the roadblock by regulating the number of vehicles that can be stopped at any one time and by limiting the nature and number of questions posed by officers staffing the checkpoints.
Bradshaw,(13) an officer stopped an automobile after observing what appeared to be an altered temporary tag in the rear window.
He was also stopped June 6 for failing to stop at a stop sign or signal, a DMV technician said Thursday.
The court focused on the facts that only motorists seeking entry into the barricaded area were stopped and that the stop itself was specifically designed to be brief and aimed solely at ascertaining the motorist's affiliations with the cordoned area.
Parks flatly says that the LAPD doesn't use racial profiles and has made it virtually a personal crusade to beat back all attempts to require the LAPD to collect statistics on the race of motorists stopped.
The Court stated that as a practical matter, passengers are already stopped by virtue of the vehicle stop itself, so that the additional intrusion upon them is minimal.
Stokes told officers she had loosened her seat belt to talk to the children while stopped at the stop sign.
When officers stop a vehicle they initiate an encounter that is not only potentially risk-filled in the sense that the individuals stopped may turn to violence; the risk also exists that uninformed officers may overstep their investigative authority under the Constitution.
The time of evening, the nature of the area in which the officers were patrolling for drug activity, the excessive period of time the suspect vehicle remained stopped at the intersection blocking traffic for no apparent reason, and the unusual actions of the driver "looking down into the lap of the passenger" may well support a reasonable suspicion that "criminal activity may be afoot.