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However, this won't stop transfers from taking place whether real or rumoured.
That policy has also incurred an active component -- as confirmed by a number of unclaimed aerial strikes on Hezbollah targets within Syria -- with Israel delivering a clear red line to both Hezbollah and the Assad regime by asserting its willingness to intervene to stop transfers of advanced weaponry to Hezbollah.
The Common European Asylum System will also stop transfers of asylum seekers to EU member states unable to ensure decent living conditions for them.
He also campaigned for Control Arms Campaign to work towards implementing the Arms Trade Treaty, which calls for a legally-binding agreement that would stop transfers of arms and ammunitions that fuel conflict, poverty and serious human rights violations.
The court described the stance taken by DG FIA in his reply to show cause notice unsatisfactory saying he did not try to stop transfers of investigation officers.
Other new requirements in the legislation could slow or stop transfers from Guantanamo to other countries.
We indeed did stop transfers more than one time," said General Walter Natynczyk, standing beside Mr.
Since its inception, PSI states have held more than 30 interdiction exercises, shared information to stop proliferation-related shipments, promoted international cooperation and capacity-building to stop transfers of items and materials of WMD proliferation concern, and sent a clear and strong message to proliferators that PSI members are committed to using the full range of diplomatic, economic, law enforcement, and military tools to prevent proliferation consistent with national and international laws.
That is why I supported the move to stop transfers from the general account to capital projects for a three-year period.
cancel same-day service, start charging regular taxi rates after seven miles, stop transfers to other areas, discontinue the 800 phone number and decrease the time for reservations, among other things.
These stop transfers are being utilized to allow NorthStar the chance to verify exactly what occurred surrounding the issuances.
The remaining shares subject of the 90% buy-back that have not been surrendered have stop transfers in place and will be automatically cancelled on Sept.