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You can also create a stop order, which, when it's generated, orders that the catheter be taken out, unless the patient meets a criterion or set of criteria at the time the reminder is generated and the clinician sees that reminder.
0 the following morning your stop order would be filled at 150.
The use of a trailing stop order maintains a stop loss order at a specific percentage point below or above the market price.
In order to conceal market losses and his misuse of investor funds, the information alleges that Villalba sent numerous interstate e-mail communications to investors advising them of their current positions and the stop orders he put in place to protect their investments.
7 million, before the true facts about Crossroads troubled operations, diminished profitability and stop orders were revealed and Crossroads stock collapsed to almost $6 per share.
It allows execution of complex trades, such as selling short, and issuing basket and stop orders.
00 premium per trade for all limit and stop orders, assessed to both commission rate offers, that will be waived for active traders (minimum of 36 trades per year) through November 30.
In addition, investors can place limit, market and stop orders -- all at the same $12 price.
A buy stop order is placed above the market and a sell stop order is placed below the market.
A Stop Order automatically opens a trade at a worse price than the current price, i.