Stock watcher

Stock watcher (NYSE)

A computerized service that monitors and investigates trading activity on the NYSE in order to identify any unusual activity or security movement that might be caused by rumors or illegal activities.

Stock Watch

An electronic system that the management of the New York Stock Exchange uses to monitor trading. Stock Watch observes trading for potential illegal activities and other unusual trading patterns. In other words, it helps maintain honest trading on the NYSE. It is also called the Stock Watcher.
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The veteran stock watcher Mark Hulbert, writing for MarketWatch, took a look at that however, and found that there was historically very little movement in the market when an upset candidate won a presidential election.
But John Fitzgibbon, seasoned IPO analyst at tech stock watcher, Redherring.
During the contest the company's liquidity jumped by over 1,000 percent and a number of the stock watcher sites and newservices picked the company as a hot stock to watch," Housman added.
Zacks recently sat down with John Martel (aka: JohnnyBull John), a penny stock watcher who is currently among the top 20 in the Zacks 4th Quarter Stock Challenge with an overall return that is quickly approaching 30%.
If you're a stock watcher or just a savvy shopper, UMB has something fun in mind for you that just may put a little green in your holiday.
Switching to the PC source connected to the Internet, a stock watcher can tune in to his favorite HDTV program on the large screen while following the ups and downs of his stock portfolio.
Some stock watchers are wary of painting spin-offs with the same brush.
Portfolio managers seized on the aftermath of Monday's sell-off to buy, even as many stock watchers acknowledged that the market could still be in for a correction, or a drop of at least 10 percent.
Some stock watchers took the market's decline in stride.
Unfortunately for stock watchers, JDSU does not report the performance of individual divisions but the palpable motivation of the staff and the number of new products launched since the acquisition auger well for the future.
STOCK watchers hailed an "exceptional year" for the London market yesterday after the FTSE 100 Index rose 16.
Stock watchers were unusually effusive in their praise during the conference call, noting how far the results outpaced expectations.