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Person or entity that owns shares or equity in a corporation.


The person or company that owns a share in a publicly-traded company or a mutual fund. The share represents a certain (usually very small) percentage of ownership in the company or the securities underlying the fund. Thus, a stockholder has the right to receive a portion of the company's profits in the form of dividends, and, depending on the type of share, may have a right to vote on matters pertaining to corporate governance. A person or company becomes a stockholder on the record date, that is, on the date that the share was bought. A stockholder is also known as a shareholder.



If you own stock in a corporation, you are a shareholder of that corporation.

You're considered a majority shareholder if you alone or in combination with other shareholders own more than half the company's outstanding shares, which allows you to control the outcome of a corporate vote. Otherwise, you are considered a minority shareholder.

In practice, however, it is possible to gain control by owning less than 51% of the shares, especially if there are a large number of shareholders or you own shares that carry extra voting power.


An individual or entity that owns shares of capital stock.
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had no distributions to Series H Preferred Stock holders allocable as qualified dividends.
Capital Source Distribution of Stock Holders in China
Official notice of the redemption and a letter of transmittal for redemption or conversion of the Preferred Stock will be sent shortly to all Preferred Stock holders of record as of the close of business on February 20, 2008.
Series G Preferred Stock holders are entitled to a taxable stock dividend, in the amount of 37.
Throughout the spring and summer of 1994 propane stock holders "will continue to replenish inventories in anticipation of next year's heating season," said the EIA's final Winter Fuels Report of 1993-1994, which was released on April 7.
The merger transaction is designed to be effected as a tax-free reorganization for eStara stock holders and is expected to be accounted for by ATG under the purchase method of accounting.
Members of an informal steering committee of Series B and Series C Preferred Stock holders which hold 75 percent of the shares of the outstanding preferred stock, including 100 percent of the shares of Series C Preferred Stock, have informed the bank that they are prepared to recommend to their respective companies and principals that they consent to the reclassification.
The stock holders approved the amendment to the 2003 EPP plan and the board has approved a resolution that options equaling no more than 10% of the fully diluted shares will be issued under the plan in any given year.
It will be payable on July 26, 1993, to stock holders of record on June 28, 1993.
The private placement was for $7,000,000 in total units, consisting of $3,375,000 of units for cash and $3,625,000 of units for conversions from existing debenture and preferred stock holders.
Ten percent cumulative convertible preferred stock holders will receive one additional share for each two existing shares held on record date.
Upon conversion of Motient's preferred stock, preferred stock holders will receive shares of Motient common stock and shares of SkyTerra common stock equal to the amount (after adjustment for stock splits, stock dividends, etc.