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Motricity anticipates that the Series J preferred stock and the common stock warrants will be quoted on the OTC under the symbols MOTRP and MOTRW, respectively.
75 aggregate reduction in the exercise price of the Common Stock Warrants, the continued valuable role played by the organizers in Empire State Bank and the Company's need for additional capital to support its business plan.
A stock warrant is generally available to the public on the open market, where it can be exercised or traded.
9, 1993, the taxpayers executed an assignment of their stock warrants to four charities.
Representatives of each donee signed affidavits stating that, before execution, there were no agreements among the donee charity, the taxpayers or any other party to sell the stock warrants.
The action by Patriot Scientific to issue this dividend - and also last week's decision to retire the debentures and buy back what could amount to up to approximately 20 percent of the Company's total outstanding stock warrants at this juncture - were driven by the same impetus that has guided other strategic re-organizational moves that began in 2005.
Incoming Chairman, Ronald Kaplan, said, "as demonstrated by our inside investors exercise of stock warrants at $3.
The financial restructuring had two components: a May 2002 extinguishment of certain junior debt (the "May 2002 Exchange Transaction"); followed by a November 2002 exchange of Series C Preferred Stock and redeemable common stock purchase warrants for its Series A and Series B Preferred Stock, warrants for the purchase of shares of Series B Preferred Stock, common stock warrants and shares of its common stock (the "November 2002 Exchange Transaction").
22 cents per share in consideration of the amount of $154,000 and 700,000 stock warrants.
5 million was a non-cash charge to earnings reflecting the accounting for stock warrants issued in conjunction with the loan agreement.
45 million dollars through the issuance of an aggregate 338 shares of convertible preferred stock and Series A common stock warrants, which represented together with the preferred stock 16,900,000 shares of Viseon common stock, issuable for $1.
Whittier's registered securities include 1,229,613 shares of common stock and 1,229,613 related common stock warrants issued as part of Whittier's $2.