stock repurchase plan

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Stock Repurchase Plan

1. See: Buyback.

2. See: Self-tender offer.

stock repurchase plan

1. See buyback.
2. See self-tender.
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96 requires pooling companies to rescind or forgo stock repurchase plans to remain eligible for pooling treatment.
Using a sample of 39 companies that rescinded their stock repurchase plans between November 1995 and June 1998 to preserve pooling treatment, we compared the costs and benefits of pooling vs.
The statements regarding our stock repurchase plans may constitute forward-looking statements within the meaning of the federal securities laws.
Since 1997, under previously authorized stock repurchase plans, the company has repurchased approximately 7.
successfully completed three stock repurchase plans and reacquired 578,000 shares of common stock outstanding.
We are extremely pleased that we were able to complete all of our stock repurchase plans in a very timely manner," stated Mr.
Mike Cushman, President and CEO of North Valley Bancorp (Nasdaq:NOVB), a multi-bank holding company with $559 million in assets, today announced that the Company has concluded its third consecutive stock repurchase plan.
Under the two completed stock repurchase plans, the Company repurchased a total of 6.
Under the company's prior common stock repurchase plans, Software Spectrum was authorized to purchase up to an aggregate of $10.
Under the Company's 1997 and 1998 Stock Repurchase Plans, the Company was authorized to purchase up to an aggregate of $5 million of the Company's stock and, to date, the Company has repurchased approximately $4.
Manzulli, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company stated, "We are extremely pleased with the most recent position taken by NYSBD in affording us the opportunity to enhance our capital management strategy with the continuation of our stock repurchase plans.
The company expects to use the repurchased stock to meet requirements of its employee stock option and stock repurchase plans.