stock record

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Stock record

The accounting a brokerage firm keeps of all securities held in inventory.

Stock Record

A computer system allowing brokerages to keep accurate records of the securities in which they hold ownership. This is particularly important given the complexities of many transactions and the fact that brokerages hold legal ownership on behalf of clients most of the time. See also: Street name.

stock record

An account of the securities being held by a brokerage firm.
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Prior to the release of the iPhone 6, Apple has been breaking its stock records and it appears it will not slow down despite months after its flagship hype.
all of which issues are found when stock records are maintained internally in excel format.
Now mainstream chains are bringing them back to meet growing demand, with 30 HMVs across the country planning to stock records for the first time in 20 years.
Mainstream chains such as HMV now plan to stock records for the first time in 20 years.
This previously entailed keeping highly detailed, time-consuming manual stock records.
Consequently, the thoroughness of the stock records was important.
She had changed stock records to cover up the thefts which began in July 2006 but the hospital authorities were alerted to what was happening by an anonymous telephone call.
Photographs, customer information, accounting details and stock records are all being trusted to that small box in the corner.
Cash receipts from the sale of company cars and from Peak Body Gym were not accounted for, creditors have not all been verified and inadequate stock records have resulted in the administrative receivers being unable to verify precisely the stock that ought to have been available for the benefit of creditors at the date of their appointment.
The required work includes direct support and general support maintenance (ground and aircraft) to include the Army oil analysis program and a central vehicle wash facility; storage, warehousing and distribution of general supplies, repair parts, rations, ammunition, petroleum products and individually issued field equipment; transportation fleet management (less maintenance); full food service; transportation management of household goods, personal property and individuals; transportation management of unit movements and installation level supply stock records.