Stock certificate

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Stock certificate

A document representing the number of shares of a corporation owned by a shareholder.

Stock Certificate

A physical document that gives the person or company listed a portion of ownership in a publicly-traded company. Stock certificates often contain a great deal of information, such as the owner's name, a right attached to the ownership (such as a warrant), or something else entirely. Stock certificates are vitally important as one may use them in court to prove a fact alleged.

stock certificate

Stock certificate.

A stock certificate is a paper document that represents ownership shares in a corporation.

In the past, when you bought stock, you got a certificate that listed your name as owner, and showed the number of shares and other relevant information. When you sold the stock, you endorsed the certificate and sent it to your broker.

Stock certificates have been phased out, however, and replaced by electronic records. That means you don't have to safeguard the certificates, and can sell shares by giving an order over the phone or online.

The chief objection that's been raised to the new system is largely nostalgic and aesthetic, since the certificates, with their finely engraved borders and images, are distinctive and often beautiful.

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Benge bought the stock certificates when each child was born, paying around $100 for each.
A stock certificate has important legal significance Generally speaking, it can be endorsed and transferred from one person to another.
Along with the stock certificate, share owners receive the company's annual reports.
The cooperative (not realizing that the bank had these documents) issued another stock certificate and lease after the shareholder signed a lost stock affidavit.
These include statements regarding the anticipated mailing date of stock certificates.
No fractional shares will be issued in connection with the reverse stock split and, upon surrender of their stock certificates, shareholders will receive cash in lieu of the fractional shares to which they would otherwise be entitled.
Once effective, each certificate representing shares of our common stock before the Reverse Split will be deemed, for all corporate purposes, to evidence ownership of the reduced number of shares of common stock resulting from the Reverse Split, (one fourth the number held before the Reverse Split), except that holders of unexchanged shares would not be entitled to receive any dividends or other distributions payable by us after the effective date until they surrender their old stock certificates for exchange.
Stockholders who have existing stock certificates will receive instructions from the Company's transfer agent, Mellon Investor Services, LLC, on how to exchange their stock certificates.
Shareholders of record who hold physical certificates will receive a letter of transmittal requesting that they surrender their old stock certificates for new stock certificates reflecting the adjusted number of shares as a result of the reverse stock split.
SAN FRANCISCO -- The official Pixar stock certificates that have been in great demand since Disney announced it was buying the company will soon be a thing of the past.