Steady state

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Steady state

As an MBS pool ages, or four to six months after component mortgages have passed at least once the threshold for refinancing, the prepayment speed tends to stabilize within a fairly steady range.

Steady State

1. Describing an economy that is neither growing nor shrinking. While this is not technically a recession, a steady state economy is not generally considered desirable.

2. See: equilibrium.
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Fluctuations in inflation are in fact not met with much of a policy response at all in the neighborhood of the unintended steady state.
Our solution to both problems is to do the analysis of the steady state not with the Solow diagram, but with growth rates, not levels, of K/L or Y/L (not K/LE or Y/LE) expressed as functions of capital per efficiency unit.
After all the logarithmic gains start from a zero value and change in the positive and negative regions, they reach their respective steady state values.
Liver-VLDL mechanisms define that DHA is distributed to the body through VLDL as a structural and functional component inherent to a normal steady state liver physiology and normal steady state omega-3 physiology.
Resulting from unevenness of both the angular velocity and the driving torque the steady state appears in the form of the steady state motion.
When that bound is imposed and the model is studied nonlinearly, it becomes clear that (i) there is a second steady-state equilibrium at a lower inflation rate, and (ii) there are many non-steady-state equilibria in which the inflation rate converges to the low-inflation steady state in the long run.
In this case, the low real money balances' steady state in the no-interest economy is obviously not consistent with equilibrium.
2) As described in section 3, each steady state corresponds to a stationary competitive equilibrium, and therefore each steady state is a plausible attractor for the economy.
In the 1950s, Cox and Merz published the following empirical relationship they found between capillary rheometer apparent viscosity (measured under conditions of steady state shear rate) and dynamic complex viscosity measured by sinusoidal deformations (and thus, a constantly changing shear rate) using a dynamic mechanical rheological tester (similar to the RPA).
Duration: I know that you work out for 10 to 30 minutes daily, but you need to work out for at least 20 minutes to be able to get to a steady state and affect your hormonal distribution, which will in turn increase your energy level.