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The statutory agent in Arizona authorized to accept service of process for the sponsor
Any consumer under 20 must obtain the consent of a statutory agent (a parent in most circumstances) to conclude a contract.
Second, does the removal period begin with service to a statutory agent or actual service to the defendant?
The issue of when the removal clock starts is further complicated by the statutory agent issue.
Although courts initially favored the statutory agent service rule, (31) "it now appears to be settled law that the time for seeking removal begins to run only when the defendant .
of California (33) is the most recent case to hold that service on a statutory agent is sufficient to trigger the 30-day removal period.
This is especially entrusted to an external provider The set of material and technical operations for electronic voting for voters ~statutory Agents assets, and either electronic voting or postal voting for voters~ statutory Agents Inactive .
The report highlights a lack of technical expertise on the part of more than half the officials and claims that many statutory agents had no expertise in the transport field prior to their recruitment as project leaders(1).
All the subject entries are accompanied with the structured list of names and assignements of statutory agents.
During the year, 125 statutory agents left the JRC (retired or reached the end of their contract) and 77 new statutory staff members started.
Ad extension - subscription of an insurance policy covering the risks of statutory agents and CNRACL Ircantec for communities not exceeding 30 affiliated CNRACL agents and communities with more than 30 agents affiliated with the CNRACL.
Contract award: risk insurance statutory agents cnracl the community of communes and municipalities carembault grouped within it.