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Many resources have been developed to help members understand and implement the new risk assessment suite of auditing standards, a set of eight statements on auditing standards issued by the AICPA Auditing Standards Board to further enhance audit quality.
102, Defining Professional Requirements in Statements on Auditing Standards, are used in SAS no.
The development and issuance of the new Statements on Auditing Standards Nos.
The auditing standards include a documentation standard, a suite of eight risk assessment standards and a standard that defines professional requirements in statements on auditing standards and statements on standards for attestation engagements.
Members were provided with guidance on auditing fair value measurements and disclosures through two interpretations on statements on auditing standards.
Auditing Standards Board exposure drafts, including recently issued proposed statements on defining professional requirements in statements on auditing standards (SASs) and in statements on standards for attestation engagements (SSAEs), as well as a proposed SAS on audit documentation, www.
As part of its ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of audits, the Auditing Standards Board has exposed a suite of seven proposed statements on auditing standards relating to the auditor's risk assessment process.
All statements on auditing standards are conveniently organized so that the information can be located quickly and easily.
RESOLVED: That the auditing standards board shall establish under statements on auditing standards the responsibilities of members with respect to standards for disclosure of financial information outside of the financial statements in published financial reports containing financial statements.
The expectations created by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act as well as recent statements on auditing standards (for example, SAS no.
Note: Statements on Auditing Standards are issued by the Auditing Standards Board, the senior technical body of the Institute designated to issue pronouncements on auditing matters.
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