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Mark McKenna of Shred-Tech, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, has helped that company develop a sales and marketing program specifically targeting start-up companies and even prospective customers considering entering the secure shredding business.
1 from "payback" mechanisms, both implicit and explicit, that provided them access to business on more favorable terms not available to start-up companies.
Like the founders of gold rush towns that rose from dusty plateaus in the Old West, Internet start-up companies are creating new cyberspace communities from the ground up.
NEW YORK -- Venture capitalists continue to devote cash to nanotechnology start-up companies.
Large corporations are increasingly partnering with nanotechnology start-up companies for innovative materials, defensible intellectual property, and penetration into adjacent markets - but picking the right partner is difficult.
To assess nanotech venture capital, Lux Research built a comprehensive database of all institutional venture capital investments in nanotech start-ups since 1995, covering 258 investments into 143 start-up companies spanning 13 countries.
Siemens Acceleration is part of a greater network at Siemens whose mission is to drive technological innovation by supporting start-up companies.
The report analyzes and comments on the efforts of both established and start-up companies in "nanostorage," evaluates the viability of competing technology approaches and pinpoints current and future market opportunities.
Direct access to a select, prescreened group of highly competitive start-up companies is a key benefit that ESIF offers to investors.
The Southwest Funding Forum (SFF), Texas' only seed stage funding event, today announced that it is now accepting applications from advanced technology start-up companies to participate in the third annual Investor Showcase.