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Look back at the first example in the normal distribution where the value was $1,000,000 and the standard deviation estimate was $100,000.
27 standard deviations above the average on the math exam in the fall of kindergarten, while black students fell 0.
You can see how the six-sigma machine has a very much smaller standard deviation compared to the three-sigma machine.
Confidence limits for quantified values (calibrators, control samples, or unknown samples) are calculated as the concentrations corresponding to the limits of the 95% confidence interval for the mean response for each replicate group, using the pooled standard deviation and the t-statistic based on the degrees of freedom for the pooled standard deviation.
Some analysts have cited a slight trend decline in the cross-sectional standard deviation of GDP growth in the G-7 economies over the period since the 1970s as evidence of a rise in the correlation of GDP growth (chart 10).
Importantly, Gould's (1986) thesis focuses on declining standard deviation values as indicators of better performance.
They matched these high-insulin people with 32 controls who had insulin levels within 1 standard deviation of the group mean.
In Figure II, the spreadsheet has been filled out with BUN control values and calculated standard deviation limits.
5 deviation in his first is the only president with a lower standard deviation in his approval ratings.
The precision of the spectrophotometer was determined by pooled standard deviation calculated from the measurements of the color patches.
The default parameters of 20 periods for the moving average and standard deviation calculations, and two standard deviations for the bandwidth are just that, defaults.

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