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Nesta research fellow Juan Mateos-Garcia said their map was compiled using data from the Office for National Statistics Annual Business Survey which includes standard industrial classification codes and address information.
The spread across the different sectors in the West Midlands, based on standard industrial classification codes, was very even and matched the spread across the entire UK.
Risk Segmentation: For commercial lines, finely segmenting risks within industry Standard Industrial Classification codes, lines of business and regions enables carriers to more closely--and profitably--align coverage, pricing, terms and conditions and servicing to specific risks.
The NAICS codes replaced the Standard Industrial Classification codes and are to be used on a taxpayer's Federal income tax return.
The system also provides a host of marketing information on companies, including standard industrial classification codes, telephone and fax contact numbers and the amount of employees.
Org Comprises World Wide Web's First Search Engine That Permits Retrieval Through Standard Industrial Classification Codes
16, 1991), provides a listing of industry categories derived from the Standard Industrial Classification codes (the "SIC" codes) in the Standard Industrial Classification Manual (1987).
In terms of the government's industrial classification system, 276 three-digit Standard Industrial Classification codes were represented on the list of nonbank activities being performed by one or more holding companies.
A foundry is included in these reporting requirements if it is included in the Standard Industrial Classification Codes 20 through 39.
The trust assets consist primarily of 184 business loans made to 163 borrowers that reflect 82 Standard Industrial Classification codes.
New features include: the ability to check data against telephone and fax preference service (TPS/FPS); lists to ensure that companies registered with the preference service are not targeted; access to named individuals at director level; and, in addition to searching via Thomson Directories' own database across 1,900 headings, users will be able to search across the extensive Standard Industrial Classification codes offering greater choice to search for the information needed.
This information is available on the county Web site for downloading into a prospect-management system and sorting by ZIP code or standard industrial classification codes for mailings or telemarketing.
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