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The organization partners with universities, entrepreneurs and students to develop next generation technologies that can form stand alone companies, become a new Siemens business or integrated into existing Siemens businesses.
Ervin, stated, "Once all documentation is completed with the Courts, allowing for restructuring the various operating business of Haverhill Technology Group and all of its subsidiaries into wholly owned subsidiaries of NanoSignal Corp, thus making available multiple opportunities to independently operate stand alone companies, while allowing NanoSignal shareholders the opportunity to receive 10% of each restructured company in non delutable shares as a special dividend to current NanoSignal shareholders, each independently expected to operate from this acquisition and through careful restructuring, should allow meaningful revenue from continued operations and position NanoSignal with sufficient qualifications and revenue to apply for a new AMEX exchange listing.
As a single entity as opposed to two stand alone companies, the NSTAR companies are better prepared to make the service and technology commitments necessary to meet the changing expectations of the customers and communities we serve.