spot commodity

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Spot commodity

A commodity that is traded with the expectation of actual delivery, as opposed to a commodity future that is usually not delivered.

Spot Commodity

A commodity traded on the current market. Spot commodities involve straightforward transactions; there is a buyer and a seller and the seller makes delivery of the commodity promptly when the transaction is settled. A spot commodity differs from a futures transaction, in which the buyer and seller agree to exchange the commodity at some point in the future.

spot commodity

A commodity that is available for immediate delivery.
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In the first ad break to appear post-kickoff, Toyotas television spot Good Odds, from their Start Your Impossible campaign, will air.
He bumped deer constantly walking in to his stand and boogered that spot good.
So, as innovations start coming through, we start work directly with the innovators and having a structure like the innovation village gives us a lens to spot good potential and good innovation and to nurture them earlier than we ever would have otherwise.
Become familiar with the market on your travel dates so you learn to spot good and bad deals.
Talking with your clients about their lifestyle and health care needs is the simplest way to spot good Medigap candidates.
But the first vehicle was the promotional vehicle for the Safe Driving Dubai promotion that is going on right now, followed by the police back-up vehicle that is there to spot good driving and reward such drivers who maintain lane discipline, speed awareness and courteousness to fellow road users.
The court was told that 61-year-old Barbara Goossens, another defendant, ran a jewellery shop and had an "ex-tensive knowledge" of fine jewellery and expensive watches and the expertise to spot good items and what would sell.
Marketed correctly, sites like these are pulling in the interest from those who can spot good development potential even though the economic outlook remains tricky.
Because of them, our kids know how to spot good homilies from bad and how to size up a caring priest versus one who is just going through the motions.
Both laser and imager come with Datalogic patented Green Spot good read feedback assuring accuracy.
It's not hard to spot good horses that will win good races, but getting them home in front on the right day is the tricky part because there is so much that can go wrong.
While relatively few porn sites were infecting visitors, it is difficult to spot good from bad, he said.