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If a dancer breaks contract while employed on a long-term job (such as a concert tour), he or she may still owe commission to the former agent, and in some cases, end up paying double or split commission.
News Feed allows members to see recent updates and listings of properties where other professionals are looking to split commission.
There's no alternative given Betfair's refusal to pay the split commission agreed between themselves and ourselves.
In the end, Commission President Romano Prodi won unanimity from a split Commission by brokering an agreement to delay that key change by a further 12 months.
The second item of importance is the split commission and how it is arrived at.
They are all set to launch Split Commission Technology, initially weight loss merchant Proactol are going to head up the scheme.
The site is the first and only exchange which allows the racing industry to participate in - and benefit from - a split commission agreement with betbull.
which uses Nsite to automate split commission requests for 400 sales reps at 19 rep firms.
In addition, the company is offering full sales commissions to all cooperating brokers, rather than the split commission which is typical of most such transactions.