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Heckel, Parity Non-Conserving Neutron Spin Rotation: The Tin Isotopes, PhD thesis, Harvard University, 1981.
An axial magnetic field will rotate a transverse spin vector about the momentum axis.
The magnetic strength of a nucleus is only about one six-hundredth that of an electron's spin.
Among specific results reported in the monographs: Watson derives equations for calculating yo-yo rotation rates after free fall or a hard throw; he analyzes features of yo-yo strings and investigates why yo-yos wobble; and he discovers a "yo-yo constant" that links yo-yo spin speeds to the rotational property known as the radius of gyration.
The experimental setup and the spin component behaviours are shown in Fig.
3]He neutron spin filter (NSF) and gives basic information.
To arrive at the new findings, the experimenters made a target of helium gas in which nearly all atoms were forced to spin in the same direction and bombarded it with a beam of high-energy electrons, whose spins were also forced to have uniform orientations.
1]) is the angular precession rate of the neutron spin in a magnetic field.
However, the spin currents enhanced each other because they were of opposite polarity and direction, van Driel says.
With the help of a laser, the team next produced within the microstructure many electrons with the same spin orientation.
12] cm, [tau] and M are unit vectors in the direction of the reciprocal lattice vector [tau] and the spin direction, respectively, and the orientation factor <1-[([tau] * M).