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M (2005): "The Spanish Peseta versus the Pound Sterling, the French Franc and the US Dollar (1870-1935).
We asked a dozen banks, building societies and the Post Office what they'd charge for 100,000 Spanish pesetas in peseta travellers cheques - about pounds 400 worth - and 25,000 pesetas in notes - about pounds 100 - making around pounds 500 in all.
The revenues in Spanish pesetas, and later euros, compensated the losses in devaluated Mexican pesos.
One tip for better value for your holday pounds: change more sterling into Spanish pesetas at British banks before you go.
On arrival, the Bank of England, Scottish, and Northern Ireland notes were exchanged for a fortune in Dutch guilders, Swiss francs, and Spanish pesetas, before being exported to the Continent.
The aircraft arrived in Madrid, Spain, where the money - in Spanish pesetas - was loaded in six security cases.
For those French Francs, Dutch Guilders and Spanish Pesetas left over from your previous excursions abroad are now as much use an icemaker in the Arctic.
What I'll treasure the most is my collection of Italian lira, Spanish pesetas, French francs and Greek drachmas, as these are four of the 12 European currencies that have been replaced by the new Euro.
In another well-handled scene, Said exchanges his savings for black market Spanish pesetas in a sinister part of town.
The row started when he popped into the branch in London and was told by staff the Royal Bank of Scotland note was foreign currency and would be treated the same as French francs or Spanish pesetas.
After the hand-over Jeffreys still had pounds 284,000 worth of guilders and Spanish pesetas in his car.
Nearly a quarter of people hoard French francs and one in five keep Spanish pesetas, both currencies which will be obsolete in five months time when Euro notes and coins are issued.