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1. A formal request. Generally, one must fill out an application form as part of the application process.

2. See: Application Program.


A request for a loan that includes the information about the potential borrower, the property and the requested loan that the solicited lender needs to make a decision.

In a narrower sense, the application refers to a standardized application form called the “1003” which the borrower is obliged to fill out.

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Configured and tuned by SpaceTag for the Windows environment, the SpaceTag Server is the easy-to-install server package with top-of-the-line server software applications developed by the open source community.
In today's corporate world, companies rely more than ever on customized, distributed software applications to automate the most critical aspects of their business.
Here is an overview of the critical SAN software applications and how some advanced SAN software already meets the need of next generation SAN applications:
The CDC family of companies includes CDC Software focused on enterprise software applications and services, CDC Mobile focused on mobile applications, CDC Games focused on online games, and China.
Labs provides software protection solutions that protect against the misappropriation and theft of intellectual property resident in software applications.
homebuilders running Pivotal CRM in their operations and an estimated $24 billion in homes marketed and sold in 2006 with these software applications.
Transitive's QuickTransit hardware virtualization technology enables software applications written for one processor/OS pair to run on another platform without the need to 'port' or rewrite code.
Transitive[R] Corporation, the leading provider of software that enables transportability of software applications across multiple hardware platforms, announced today that the Luxembourg Stock Exchange has successfully deployed Solaris/SPARC applications on x86-based servers in a virtualized environment using QuickTransit[R] for Solaris/SPARC-to-Linux/x86-64.
ATLANTA -- CDC Software, a wholly owned subsidiary of CDC Corporation (NASDAQ: CHINA) and a provider of enterprise software applications, announced today that The 401(k) Company has chosen the Pivotal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite of software applications because of its industry-specific functionality which will allow its employees to develop deeper insight into their clients' needs, preferences, and influencers, accompanied by tools that will help automate multi-step processes, track performance, and provide better team collaboration.

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