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Stock Exchange of Singapore (SES)

The only stock exchange in Singapore.

s s

Used on the consolidated tape to indicate a transaction of less than a round lot: AEPPr 5ss47.
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Score analysis: Regarding the construction of the socioeconomic status index, a data exploratory factorial analysis for the elaboration of the socioeconomic status index was initially developed.
Family social support -- but not support from partners or friends -- emerged as a strong predictor of telomere length, as did low socioeconomic status during childhood.
The role of parental education and socioeconomic status in dental caries prevention among Lithuanian children.
Noronha et al (2010), in his prospective-retrospective cohort approach, showed that the high prevalence was strongly associated with low socioeconomic status (OR 1.
Table 3: Socioeconomic status and age at menarche Socioeconomic Age at menarche (years) Total number status 8-11 11-13 Above 13 of students (%) Upper 6 18 5 29 (8.
According to them, socioeconomic status and nutrition have a great influence on the development of IQ.
Cross-national comparison of childhood obesity: The epidemic and the relationship between obesity and socioeconomic status.
The analysis showed that patients with low socioeconomic status had higher proportions of triple negative breast cancers than did patients with high or moderate socioeconomic status.
In order to untangle the complexity between socioeconomic status and academic achievement, a socio-psychological approach will be adopted.
There are two common explanations for the persistent association between socioeconomic status and health.
Using data from international surveys, Pampel found that education, employment, and other components of socioeconomic status correlate with body mass index (BMI).
9) have reported the relationship between socioeconomic status and the incidence of hypertension among blacks.