welfare state

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Welfare State

The concept in which a government is or views itself as responsible for providing some minimum economic security for citizens. For example, the government may guarantee housing, work and a minimum income for all citizens. Less comprehensively, a government may provide income during periods of unemployment or poverty. Most governments have a welfare state to some degree. Proponents view welfare states as a form of economic justice. Critics contend that they are detrimental to GDP growth and promote needless dependency.

welfare state

a country that provides comprehensive SOCIAL-SECURITY BENEFITS such as state health services, state retirement pensions, unemployment and sickness benefits, etc. See TRANSFER PAYMENTS, GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURE.
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Cooper agrees with Crowley that the social welfare state is wholly iniquitous in its effects upon character: dependency destroys productive, responsible freedom and instills the foundations for self-deluding fantasies of entitled forms of recognition.
The social welfare state further impinges upon the monogamy culture by using the universal safety-net insurance scheme (i.
The contours of the liberal social welfare state were laid out during the formative years of the New Deal and augmented during the 1960s War on Poverty and the Great Society.
Yet it is only the social welfare state which furnishes the modern nation-state its democratic legitimacy.
In the words of Rosa Eberly, "the generation of publicity has changed from bottom-up to top-down; whereas publicity used to be a function of the public debates among many, Habermas sees publicity in the social welfare state as controlled or manipulated from positions of power" (107).
It might have been dented slightly by the result of the Danish vote, when that social welfare state decided not to join up.
Welfare reform, though, is only one example of a much more profound shift in our social welfare state.
The discourse of multiculturalism that emerged during the expansion of the social welfare state not only eased social antagonisms, but assisted in legitimating discursive practices useful in achieving further expansion.
and the EU are confronting the contradictions of economic globalization, where the push for ever-more-mobile capital and increased global trade liberalization raise difficult questions about the role of the social welfare state in the emerging global economy.
There is a very deep history of a mixed economy and a social welfare state in Canada.
That theme, touted by some in Europe's new left as the Third Way between pure capitalism and a strong social welfare state, helped the younger Mr Schroeder unseat longtime leader Mr Helmut Kohl in September.
This is evident in her portrayal of how the Canadian social welfare state perpetuates race and cultural inequalities.

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