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I have also argued that the Western social contract theory is philosophically responsible for the widespread destruction of the natural environment in the Global South in that it provides a moral justification to the key functioning mechanisms of the neo-liberalized global economy, such as the international free trade agreement and multi-national contracts.
1 shows how an Islamic bank can exist in a society using social contract theory.
Literary scholars, especially those who study or teach apocalyptic and postapocalyptic fiction, as well as political scientists interested in social contract theory and society's responses to monumental challenges to the status quo, should find this volume useful and engaging.
Classical Social Contract Theory and its Contemporary Discontents
This is the only applied ethics source the author has found that clearly articulates standards derived from social contract theory and Constitutional principles and can be used to make value judgments about police work.
Social contract theory is the archetypal liberal solution to the question of the justifiability of the modern state.
From figure 4, one would expect that it is only necessary to check against the social contract theory as it is the most restrictive one.
Social contract theory is an imaginary device through which equally imaginary individuals, living in solitude, without government, come together to form a society, accepting obligations to one another which are enforced by a political sovereign.
It is worthwhile noting though that Hobbes' social contract theory r ested on the presumption that 'warre' was a manifestation of social breakdown.
Rawls' indebtedness to Rousseau's social contract theory and Mill's utilitarianism is acknowledged and is apparent throughout.
My more particular interest is the judiciary's use of eighteenth-century social contract theory to interpret "the people" for our time.