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Ferozepur (Punjab) [India] Feb 20 ( ANI ): The Border Security Force (BSF) on Tuesday gunned down a Pakistani smuggler and recovered 10 kilogram of heroin from his possession in Punjab's Ferozepur sector.
The deceased smugglers were identified as Ilahi Bakhsh and Qadir Jan Hassanzai who hailed from the Aamuri area of the district.
At that point, there was exchange of gunfire between the smugglers and Customs officers.
Road near Gondal Mandi spotted a drug smuggler and recovered one kg hashish.
target human smugglers praying on vulnerable migrants along the common border.
Police arrested two smugglers identified as Aurangzeb and Murad Gul belonging to Dara Adamkhel and started interrogation in this regard.
The smuggler, who had no identity documents, said that he is Tunisian.
In fact, smugglers are having a field day as they keep routing iPhone7 and iPhone7- plus to India.
But as security in anarchic Libya has worsened, EU officials say, more smugglers are choosing to bring African and Middle East refugees and migrants to the Egyptian coast.
The escape to Europe gave me hope of a normal life -- at the least -- and that would not have been possible without the smugglers.
General manager of The Smugglers Cove, Zeljko Susnjar, says: "The whole team at The Smugglers Cove are delighted we have entered the record books - we are all very proud of our collection of rum and it is something that really intrigues our guests; we get quite a number of visitors who come just to look at the rum cabinet.
There were two incidents at different place in Sheshachalam forest in Chandragiri mandal where the smugglers attacked the forest and police department personnel.