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Terms of the transaction, which was led by The Gores Small Capitalization Fund Group, were not disclosed.
Discovery Fund, Laudus Rosenberg International Discovery Fund, and Laudus Rosenberg International Small Capitalization Fund.
The Stag series of variable universal life products now include the following new underlying funds: American Funds Global Growth Fund, American Funds Global Small Capitalization Fund, American Funds Growth Fund, American Funds Growth-Income Fund, Hartford Global Leaders HLS Fund, and Hartford Global Technology HLS Fund.
and Quest for Value's Opportunity Fund, Small Capitalization Fund, Global Equity Fund, Growth and Income Fund, and Officers Fund -- would continue to be managed by Quest for Value Advisors under a subadvisory agreement with OMC.
Barnett Trust received recognition as a "Top 20" money manager for the one-year, three-year and five-year performance of its Small Capitalization Fund.
Quest for Value Opportunity Fund, Quest for Value Small Capitalization Fund, Quest For Value Growth and Income Fund and Quest for Value Officers Fund -- will continue to be managed by Quest for Value Advisors under subadvisory agreements with OMC.
Barnett also made substantial improvements to its Emerald mutual fund family, introducing a small capitalization fund and a "B" shares option which eliminates front-end loads, but features an exit fee that declines over time.
WSIS Series Trust is comprised of five mutual fund portfolios: Wertheim Equity Value Fund, Wertheim Small Capitalization Fund, Wertheim High Yield Income Fund, Wertheim Investment Grade Income Fund and Wertheim Short-Term Investment Fund.
Previously, he was a research analyst for Structured Asset Management in New York where he managed a small capitalization fund.
Small capitalization funds typically carry additional risks since smaller companies generally have a higher risk of failure.