sleeping beauty

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Sleeping beauty

Often used in risk arbitrage. Potential takeover target that has not yet been approached by an acquirer. Such a company usually has particularly attractive features, such as a large amount of cash, or undervalued real estate or other assets.

Sleeping Beauty

A company, especially a start-up, that might make a profitable takeover, but has not been approached by a potential acquirer. Qualifications for a sleeping beauty include high potential with bad management or perhaps an undervalued share price.

sleeping beauty

A firm with valuable assets not effectively used by its management. Such a firm has high profit potential and value and is therefore a prime candidate for takeover.
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A century later, Prince Florimund is guided to the castle by the Lilac Fairy, overcoming the obstacles created by Carabosse, and awakening the sleeping princess with a kiss.
Mr Brindani said: "She is not dead in the picture but looks as if she is a sleeping Princess.
Bakst's work is epitomised in the Sleeping Princess programme staged at London's Alhambra Theatre in 1921.
AT the monthly meeting of Sedgefield Women's Institute on Wednesday, April 5, in the Parish Hall, the speaker will be J Fitzpatrick, talking about The Re-awaking of a Sleeping Princess.