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Gerardo de la Concha, vice president of Mexico operations at Medtronic, will share insight from his company's experience spearheading a skunkworks project to reverse engineer and develop a medical device using Nitinol, a metal alloy of nickel and titanium with the unique properties of shape memory and super elasticity.
UK Skunkworks confirmed the branch was still trading but said several items were no longer for sale.
The company in question, UK Skunkworks, is the largest supplier of legal psychoactive drugs in southern Britain with 15 shops.
For me, at least, it points toward the single most powerful role honors programs can play--honors as skunkworks.
The other pertinent info: Skunkworks Publishing, $29.
At the beginning of 1999, SalesLogix had a skunkworks research project to figure out if we should do a thin-client, Web-based contact manager to complement SalesLogix.
Karmasphere recently released a survey showing that the majority of Hadoop projects start as skunkworks and, within several months, move into full production as users discover the power of big data intelligence methodology.
The firm has poached a top engineer from BMW M division, the skunkworks responsible for nifty movers such as the M3/4/5.
Retired Skunkworks engineer Paul Spink has worked 10 years on blueprints for a transit trench that could dip under freeways and around obstacles, moving traffic faster and more efficiently than today's highways.
Now Molendijk says the company has found a solution: For the past two months, a skunkworks team has been testing a Web-based "Chinese menu" sales model called eVisio.
The study shows that nearly 68% of Hadoop developers said their Hadoop projects were started as skunkworks, and within a year 86% of projects have moved into either active development or production.