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For SINEs and LINEs, correlation coefficients between all pair-wise species were strongly positive (Table 1).
Other molecular biologists agree that the SINE and LINE data add weight to the idea of a close relationship between whales and hippos, but many say that the connection was already firmly established by conventional genetic data.
In desperation, Jayne asked Sines what he would be prepared to pay her.
Sharon Shacham, Karyopharm's founder, Chief Scientific Officer, and President of research and development commented, "This presentation represents our first public announcement of activity of our novel, oral SINE compounds in an autoimmune disease.
Sharon Shacham, Karyopharm's founder, Chief Scientific Officer, and head of research and development commented, "This broad and growing list of publications demonstrates the potential for our novel, oral CRM1 antagonists - SINEs - to restore the body's own anti-cancer TSPs to the cell nucleus, where they can carry out their tumor killing function.
In the BHA report it was stated that Sines called Ladbrokes 45 minutes before the horse was due to run and asked for pounds 50,000 at the quoted odds of 5-4.
SINEs reduced the levels of the AML oncoprotein FLT3, and when given orally to mice, prolonged their survival with good tolerability.
This is the first oral SINE to ever enter human studies, and we are eager to assess the potential of our drug candidate across a wide variety of cancers.
Sines, 48, is a controversial businessman who runs mobilehome parks across Britain, some of which he has operated in partnership with Crickmore Parks Ltd, a similar venture belonging to Colin and James Crickmore.
Maurice Sines and James Crickmore, labelled the ringleaders of the conspiracy to lay horses to lose on betting exchanges, were each warned off for 14 years.
These SINEs act by forcing the nuclear localization of major tumor suppressor and growth regulatory proteins, causing selective death of cancer cells, while sparing normal cells.
Joe Sines, Horse Shoe Run, WV -- When hauling a load of glass from North Carolina to Minnesota, Sines was traveling on I-77 in West Virginia on July 17, 2003, when he witnessed an accident in front of him.