Significant influence

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Significant influence

The holding of a large portion of the equity of a corporation, usually at least 20%, which gives the holder a significant amount of control over the corporation. This degree of holding must be recorded in a firm's financial statements.

Significant Influence

The state of holding a substantial minority stake in a publicly-traded company such that one does not have outright control but is still a major player in the company's decisions. Usually, an investor is considered to have significant influence if he/she has at least a 20% holding in the company. One has significant influence because the number of voting shares gives one virtual veto power over company decisions, particularly when other stockholders are closely divided. These investors must be listed on the company's financial statements.
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Another opportunity arrives at the National Gallery, London, this fall with "Raphael: From Urbino to Rome," which contains over one hundred paintings and drawings from international loans and the museum's collection, including works by significant influences on the painter.
Q: Who are some of the most significant influences on your spiritual life and practice of yoga?
Thus, one of my most significant influences continues to be regular conversations with my wife on the deeper and more profound aspects of yoga.
In my view, Norm Gysbers has had one of the most significant influences on the field of school counseling during the past 20 years.
equity stock trends clearly have significant influences on real estate capital markets.
Now Jayanta Kar of India's National Physical Laboratory in New Delhi proposes in the newly released February GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS that the weakening of a strong magnetic field could have had significant influences on the planet, ranging from the evolution of its atmosphere to the possible development of life.
The explosive growth of elearning globally and the needs of trainers and educators for increasingly faster content development were significant influences on the more than 50 new features of Lectora 2006.

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