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Clearly, as soon as a drilling operation is shut down costs escalate, so it's a top priority to get the fishing tool ground to specification, down the bore hole to retrieve the damaged or lost equipment with some urgency so drilling can continue.
5 million) -- more than Au2 million in assets and nearly Au3 million in redundancies and shut down costs.
The Company continues to focus its efforts in Mexico where these favourable exploration and mining conditions exist, as well as improved opportunities to drill all year round, minimizing shut down costs, due to weather conditions.
Shut down costs, including severance, will be accounted for in results for the fourth quarter of 2011.
Weak shipments out of Schopfheim, Germany * Lower margins in the North American medical market due to the move of a product line to China as well as competitive price pressures * Weaker automotive sales * Weak market conditions in two of the Company's largest applications in Japan - oxygen concentrators and freon recovery equipment * Shut down costs related to the Company's facility in Fleurier, Switzerland, as part of the Company's planned consolidation
After projected operating and shut down costs, the Company projects that there will be between $0.
0 million in asset write downs and shut down costs associated with closed plant facilities, 3) $0.
The decrease in operating income was primarily due to the shut down costs of approximately $15.
facility which is now operating well, and the shut down costs of two leased plants.
4 million before taxes, primarily attributable to severance and related shut down costs.
The year to date and third quarter losses for 1994 include shut down costs associated with the discontinuation of the well service activities of approximately $507,000 and $127,000.