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WASHINGTON - The Federal Reserve decided Wednesday to maintain the target range for its benchmark short-term interest rate at zero to 0.
The drop in 10-year government bond yields, therefore, suggests that the average expected short-term interest rate over the next 10 years has come down.
The Federal Reserve cut the short-term interest rate half a point for the tenth time in 10 months last week.
com/reports/c38326) has announced the addition of Trading STIR Futures - An Introduction to Short-Term Interest Rate Futures to their offering.
Through the end of February, Eurodollar futures, used to manage risk in the short-term interest rate markets, have tallied 15,932,891 trades, with a dollar value of $15.
Economic growth prospects and the economy's ability to create new jobs also impact short-term interest rate trends, as do concerns about the federal deficit and the public's perception of current events.
FINN's net interest margin has started benefiting from the rise in short-term interest rates as credit card receivables have exceeded their rate floors and will continue to reprice in the current rising short-term interest rate environment.
Shifts in short-term interest rate differentials reflecting relative economic and financial conditions in the major industrial countries supported the dollar against the yen but weighed on it against the mark.
The Fund's continuing ability to pay a certain level of distributions will depend on several factors, including the rate of interest received on securities held by the Fund, the interest cost of Money Market Cumulative Preferred Shares issued by the Fund, and the result of interest rate hedges used by the Fund in seeking to manage short-term interest rate costs.
Just two weeks ago, on March 25, the Fed raised its short-term interest rate target by a quarter percentage point.
It should be noted that the Investment Adviser will not receive a management fee on the incremental assets raised unless the total return of the Fund to common shareholders during the year exceeds the dividend rate of the preferred shares, including the costs of any interest rate swap agreement the Fund may enter into to protect against short-term interest rate increases.
The answer lies in the ability of Greenspan and the Federal Reserve System's Open Market Committee to influence the economy by lowering or raising one key short-term interest rate.

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