Short-term capital gain

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Short-term capital gain

A profit on the sale of a security or mutual fund share that has been held for one year or less. A short-term capital gain is taxed as ordinary income.

Short-Term Capital Gain

The gain one realizes by closing a position one has held for less than one year. For example, if one buys a stock or bond and sells it five months later for more than what one paid, the gain is considered a short-term capital gain. The government wishes to encourage long-term investment and, as such, short-term capital gains are usually not entitled to preferential treatment for tax purposes; that is, they are taxed at a higher rate than gains from long-term investments. See also: Short-term capital loss.
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Realizing that the best approach to an issue of this nature is through educating key audiences, we joined the Personalization Consortium to work with like-minded companies to encourage on-line businesses to use personalization techniques to builder stronger, long-term customer relationships that do not compromise sensitive information, nor put short term gains ahead of honoring privacy agreements.
com Email Alerts resulted in phenomenal short term gains on average in the month of August with gains as high as 326%.
com), one of the Internet's most popular day trading and financial websites, brought in tremendous short term gains on Broadcast.

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