short-term debt

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Short-term debt

Debt obligations, recorded as current liabilities, requiring payment within the year.

Short-Term Debt

Any bond or other debt that must be repaid or refinanced within one year. Short-term debts are recorded on a balance sheet as current liabilities.

short-term debt

That portion of debt that is payable within one year.Consumers typically include only debts maturing in one year in their schedule of short-term debts.Businesses usually segregate debt into the current year's portion of all debt,with the balance,if any,categorized as long-term debt. When completing a form financial statement for a lender, it is important to find out that lender's definition of short-term debt. Placing debts in the wrong category could result in a failure to meet certain critical ratios,and denial of the loan.

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The investment management mandate spans four fixed income solutions: MD Short Term Bond Fund, MD Bond Fund, MDPIM Canadian Long Term Bond Pool, and MDPIM Canadian Bond Pool.
The firm specializes in fixed income investment management and oversees the investment operations of the Leader Short Term Bond Fund (LCCMX), Leader Total Return Fund (LCTRX) and Leader Global Bond (LGBIX).
The fund takes a fund-on-fund approach, gaining equity exposure through the Manulife Canadian Opportunities Fund, and fixed income exposure through fixed income funds such as the Manulife Bond Fund, Manulife Short Term Bond Fund, and the Manulife Corporate Bond Fund, or a combination thereof," Manulife said in a press release.
ICRA also has an A1+ rating on the short term bond programme of the bank.
Carmack will oversee investment operations for the Leader Short Term Bond Fund (LCCMX/LCCIX) and Leader Total Return Fund (LCTRX/LCTIX) along with founder and senior portfolio manager John Lekas.
the investment adviser of HighMark Funds, today announced the addition of HighMark's Short Term Bond Fund to Raymond James' "Highly Recommended" list.
Federated's team of seasoned investment professionals will oversee the management of MMDT's Cash Portfolio and Short Term Bond Portfolio.
He will be charged with supporting the firm's investment operations, which include management of the Leader Short Term Bond Fund (LCCMX/LCCIX), Leader Total Return Fund (LCTRX/LCTIX) and private accounts totaling more than $500 million of investor assets.
The team includes portfolio management and research professionals who have been responsible for the Virtus Multi-Sector Short Term Bond Fund (Class A: NARAX), the Virtus Multi-Sector Fixed Income Fund (Class A: NAMFX), the Senior Floating Rate Fund (Class A: PSFRX), and other Virtus assets.
The Leader Short Term Bond Fund (Ticker: LCCIX) announced a dividend distribution of $0.
com/) is pleased to announce that the Thompson Plumb Bond Fund (THOPX) received a Morningstar Rating(TM) of 5-stars in the Short Term Bond Category for each individual time period -- Overall, 3yr, 5yr and 10yr periods as of April 30, 2008.