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Short Leg

In an option spread, any option contract on which one has a short position. For example, if one has bought a call and sold a put as part of one's option strategy, the put is said to be the short leg of the spread.

short leg

The side of an option spread that has been sold short. With a spread made up of owning a September 30 call and being short a December 30 call, the December 30 call is the short leg. Compare long leg.
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Nevertheless, airily as she was clad, the child seemed to feel not the slightest inconvenience from the cold, but danced so lightly over the snow that the tips of her toes left hardly a print in its surface; while Violet could but just keep pace with her, and Peony's short legs compelled him to lag behind.
Then, brother Ned took the head of the table, and brother Charles the foot; and Tim Linkinwater's sister sat on the left hand of brother Ned, and Tim Linkinwater himself on his right: and an ancient butler of apoplectic appearance, and with very short legs, took up his position at the back of brother Ned's armchair, and, waving his right arm preparatory to taking off the covers with a flourish, stood bolt upright and motionless.
I should cut a poor figure, with my short legs, running about this State after an athletic assassin of that sort.
He hopped over the barrier with unexpected activity, and sat beside Colonel Pound, kicking his short legs like a little boy on a gate.
You have an indication, you see, of a long body with very short legs attached to it.
You may suppose I am not able to walk as fast as you, with my short legs and short breath, and I couldn't overtake you; but I guessed where you came, and came after you.
Muzzle was an undersized footman, with a long body and short legs.
He carried his fat paunch with ostentation on his short legs, and during the time his gang infested the station spoke to no one but his nephew.
Godiva's men, short of several regular competitors, did well to clock 4-47-37 over the six long / six short legs to finish 25th behind Morpeth Harriers (4-21-52) who led from the third stage to eclipse hot favourites Notts AC (4-23-06).
Dubbed The Big Learner Relay, learner drivers will be taking on short legs of the journey in a nationwide effort to raise money for the charity.
To get two short legs in and to get him caught at short leg was awesome because we do our bowling meetings and that's how we wanted it to go.
The team found the one-year-old dinosaurs had long arms, short legs and walked on all-fours soon after birth.

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