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Now that the frenzied 'go-go' period of consumerism has been punctured, do you see your vision of urban Shopping affected by recent changes in mood/resources?
Husband and wife Jerome and Heidi Brown, of Oak Park, Illinois, also enjoy the ease of shopping from home.
New Jersey is not the only state to grant forced access to privately owned shopping malls.
If "Western" shopping was cold and formal, "Russian" shopping was informal with frequent heated exchanges between customers and clerks arguing over prices.
And while "convenience" is a favorite home shopping buzzword, the description could not be less apt: It might take hours, even days, of home shopping viewimg to come upon something you need.
Electronic home shopping is being aided by the increasing comfort level that consumers have with technology.
According to ICSC spokesman Don Pendley, even shopping center development companies with flawless credit histories are finding credit terms being re-defined mid-loan, funds being withdrawn mid-construction and banks demanding larger equity positions in new centers than ever before.
Allurent partners with leading retailers to create the most compelling online shopping experiences imaginable.
For Anderson, catalog shopping has eliminated repeated trips to the local post office and standing in long lines.
With 60 million products and more than 40 million unique online visitors globally per month, the types of shopping searches conducted on Shopping.
But no one is laughing now at the Home Shopping Network (HSN) and its rival, QVC, as they corner the burgeoning television shopping market.