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Compared to sexually-healthy controls, women with low sexual desire did not masturbate less often or have fewer orgasms during masturbation (Nutter & Condron, 1983).
The aim of the current study was to provide a preliminary exploration of sexual fantasy frequency and content among asexual individuals compared to sexual individuals with and without low sexual desire.
The absence of sexuality and sexual desire in Narnia, a land created for and about children, raises the question of Lewis's overall views on sex and desire.
More important, however, are several key scenes that establish Perelandra as a world of innocence where sexual desire is not even relevant.
Such analyses might chart the impact of larger social justice movements such as civil rights, feminism, and gay rights on the biology of sexual desire.
However, men's sexual desires peaked later than is commonly perceived (Bart et al.
In addition, in Study 2 and in two subsequent studies where measures of erotophilic desire were collected along side key demographic information (Schmitt, 2001; Schmitt & Shackelford, 2001), few significant differences were found between married, single, or divorced individuals in terms of their basic sexual desires.
We might say that lynching is the public evocation of black male sexual desire on the part of white Americans so that it might more securely be controlled or cut off from public expression.
This paper considers the issues involved in defining sexual desire, distinguishes this experience from other aspects of human sexual response, discusses the ways in which sexual desire is commonly operationalized, and reviews empirical research on the relationship between the sex hormones and sexual desire as experienced by men and women.
Morrison begins her story with sexual desire because that is the only level of desire her character Violet initially understands.
Three major concepts dealt with in discussions of sexual scripting are sexual desire, sexual permissiveness and sexual costs.
Racist white society's assumptions about black women's sexual availability help explain Helga Crane's sexual repression, and also remind us of Larsen's courage in attempting to portray her heroine's sexual desire.